Consultancy in the field of personnel administration (hiring, layoffs, relief etc.) and social security / assistance companies and individuals (registration of INPS management and INAIL positions), counts and costs;

Payroll and company contributions management;

Management of relations with Bodies and Institutes, consultancy and administrative appeals against inspection reports, Territorial Labor Directorate, INPS and INAIL;

Industrial relations management: union meetings and negotiations, use of social safety nets (CIG, CIGS, solidarity contracts etc.);

Conciliation management: preparation of conciliation minutes and subscription in the trade union and before the conciliation commissions;

Resignation management: validation of worker resignations

SCOPE: law firm

Labor law consultancy;

Assistance and representation before labor and civil courts in relation to problems relating to employment relationships (layoffs, staff classification, disciplinary sanctions, contribution differences, administrative sanctions );

Assistance in the context of administrative disputes (appeal against assessment reports from Social Security Institutions and opposition to administrative sanctions and injunctions orders);

Assistance and representation in judgments before the High Courts .