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Firm History

The history of the Cicotti Consulting Firm began in 1955, with the release to Mrs. Elena Gualdi in Cicotti by the Head of the Bologna Regional Labor Inspectorate of the Authorization no. 1 for “ the keeping and regularization of company documents concerning labor, social security and social assistance “.

The progenitor actively participated in the action of the ANCL (National Association of Labor Consultants) which led to the recognition of the professional order of Labor Consultants with the law of 11 January 1979 no. 12.

(Rome, 1975 – Honor of Knight conferred by the President of the Republic G. Leone to the husband of the Foundress Gualdi, Mr. Luigi Cicotti)

(Rome, 1961 – One of the first conferences of the ANCL- National Association of Labor Consultants. On the left, the Foundress Gualdi, in the center, a very young Renato Cicotti)

Firm Activities

The start of the firm’s activity dates back to 08/01/1955, with the release to Elena Gualdi in Cicotti, by the head of the Bologna Regional Labor Inspectorate, of the authorization no. 1 for “the keeping and regularization of company documents concerning labor, social security and social assistance” according to the provisions of law 1815/1939, which in 1965 was registered in the established Register Provincial of Labor Consultants of Bologna at no. 22.

The firm’s activity has been based from the outset to operate in the field alongside both small entrepreneurs and more structured companies in the management of relationships with employees, both as regards the phases of establishing relationships and defining costs. , both as regards the management of the relations themselves, with the inherent problems, both of a trade union and social security nature, taking care of any necessary direct intervention and assistance in the event of disputes or inspection or verification phases with the competent bodies.

Currently at the studio there are :

The son of the founder, Renato Cicotti , graduated in law from the University of Bologna, enrolled in the Order of Labor Consultants of Bologna since 1974 under no. 354, in the register of Technical Consultants of the Judge of the Court of Bologna since 1987, in the Bologna Bar under no. 2597 since 1988 and in the Special Register of Cassationists and Higher Jurisdictions since 2002.

He has held multiple positions as President and Director of the Union of Labor Consultants ANCL-UP of Bologna and as Director of the Provincial Order of Labor Consultants of Bologna.

The granddaughter of the founder, Maria Francesca Cicotti , who has been working in the studio since 2007, graduated in Law from the University of Bologna (110cum laude / 110) in 2009, obtained the E. Redenti Specialization Diploma for Legal Professions in 2013, completed a 2-year internship at the 2nd and 3rd Civil Section of the Court of Bologna, obtained the 2nd Level Master in Management and reuse of assets and companies confiscated from the Mafia in 2015 and registered with the Bologna Bar Association at n.7595 since 2013.

One staff of n. 6 collaborators .